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    VPU terminal switches

    | Drawings

    VPU 011 switches are designed to be used as substitution for VP16, VK200 and VK300.
      They are available in three different connection variants:

    • a) - without gland contact;
    • b) - with gland contact;
    • c) - with connector.

      Depending on the construction, they may have 4 types of roller (drive mechanism) travel:

    • rightward motion with self-recovery;
    • leftward motion with self-recovery;
    • rightward motion without self-recovery;
    • leftward motion without self-recovery;
      Type Voltage, V Rated current, A Drive mechanism travel, mm Operate force, N Commutation wear resistance, on/off cycles
      AC DC
      VPU 011 up to 660 440 16 14 80 2.0 x 106

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