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    Disconnecting switches RE19

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    RE 19-41 and RE 19-43 disconnecting switches are designed for conducting both rated current and infrequent (up to 3 times per hour) manual circuit switching without load.
      Operating conditions

    • Can be installed at altitudes of 1000 m above sea level and less. When installed at a height of up to 2000 m, the rated current decreases by 10%, provided the ambient temperature is 30° C or higher.
    • Should be operated in a non-explosive environment that is free of dust (including conducting dust) and that is capable of deranging the switch. Should also be free of aggressive vapors and gases in concentrations capable of corroding metals and insulation.
    • Operation mode - prolonged.
      Notation conventions structure

    RE- device type;
    19 - series number;
    XX- rated current (41 - 1000 A, 43 - 1600 A);
    X- number of poles and device type: (1 - unipolar disconnector, 2 - double-pole disconnector, 3 - triple-pole disconnector);
    X- type of external conductor connection with terminal leads: (1 - front, 2 - rear);
    X- arrangement of the terminal lead's outer clamp connection plane:
    (1 - parallel to the mounting plane; 2 - transversely to the mounting plane);
    X- drive type (2 - driven manually with the handle located on the side of the device and installed on the end of its power shaft; 4 - driven manually with a displaced front handle that is designed for controlling the device and is located in either the cabinet or the panel. This handle is installed either on the front side of the casing or on the switching center and is displaced relative to the device's center; 6 - driven manually with the rod);
    X- availability of auxiliary contacts (0 - not available, 1 - available);
    XX- protection rate: 00 - IP00 according to GOST 14255;
    XX- climatic construction (UHL) and placement category (Z), according to GOST 15150.

    SPECIFICATIONS RE 19-41 RE 19-43
    Nominal voltage, V:
    Rated current, A:
          AC 50 or 60 Hz
    Electrodynamic stability, kA 85 100
    Thermal stability, kA2× c 2500 3200
    Mechanical wear resistance, on/off cycles 6300 6300
    Application classes AS-20 AS-20

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