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    Planing machines

    SR8-2 is designed for one-sided surface planing of flat hardwood or softwood work pieces to their specified thickness with mechanical feeding.


    • Cutter shaft driven either by electric motor or by using the V-belt drive.
    • Feeding mechanism with individual electric motor chain drive to 2 upper and 2 lower feeding rolls.
    • Upper front roll is ribbed while the rear one is plain (the front roll in SR8-2 is selective; it allows for handling of several work pieces with a difference in thickness of up to 4 mm).
    • Feed rates 8 and 16 m/min are provided by a double-speed electric motor that is equipped with a toggle switch.
    • The box-shaped bed plate is made of cast iron and has a handwheel-driven manual movement mechanism, a mechanical movement mechanism driven by electric motor and a bed plate lock mechanism. The guides and two plain feeding rolls are mounted on the bed plate. The rolls have an adjustable height so as to eliminate the edge-clipping effect.
    • A grapple shield preventing ejection of the work piece is installed in front of the feeding rolls.
    • Pinch elements ensure high-quality timber processing.
    • To avoid timber split in the place where the blade exits, a front clamp is installed to support the fiber (the clamp is made a several sections, each one spring-loaded).
    • The bar-shaped rear clamp can swing around its horizontal axis. It is designed for removing chips off the surface and forcing them towards the sucker zone.

    Work piece's maximum width, mm800
    Work piece thickness, mm5-250
    Minimum work piece length, mm450
    Maximum one-pass removable timber thickness, mm
    upper cutter shaft
    lower cutter shaft

    Thickness variation among work pieces handled simultaneously, mm4
    Cutter shaft operating speed, rpm4570
    Cutting circle diameter, mm128
    Feeding speed (stepped), m/min8;16
    Bed plate mechanical movement speed, m/min0.25
    Exhauster hopper connection diameter, mm180
    Total electric motor power, kW13.07
    Overall dimensions, mm

    Machine weight, kg1600

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