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    Woodworking milling machines

    FSSh-1A and UFS-1
    machines are versatile, single-spindle milling machines with tenoning carriage that are designed for various milling woodwork operations. The UFS-1 machine allows machining of sections both in parallel and on an angle to the bed's plate surface (due to the spindle tilt). It also allows for using the carriage to cut guides and lugs in the bars and to cut profile curved edges. The tenoning carriage is fed manually.

    Milling height, mm100105
    Milling cutter diameter, below, mm250250
    Spindle turning angle, °--5...°+45°
    Spindle tilting angle, °--
    Spindle diameter, mm32-
    Motor speed, rpm3000/4500/6000/90002880/5760/8640
    Power, kw4.2/4.74
    Dimensions, m1.2x1.3x1.42x3.7x1.2
    Weight, kg880750

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