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    Straightening and planing woodworking machines

    S2FR6 machine is designed for making furniture elements and any other whole timber articles. The wood is processed from two side cutter shafts simultaneously.
      Particular qualities of the design:

    • The front bed plate is 1500 mm long, which ensures not only stability of the work piece during handling but also higher planarity of the processed details in comparison to ordinary planing machines, especially when handling deformed work pieces.
    • Two-speed mechanical work piece feeding ensures high output of the planing process.
    • Due to the combination of straightening and planing operations, the machine does not copy the work pieces' imperfections.
    • This machine has a rigid stand made of cast iron.
    • The work pieces' wide range of sizes (up to 600 mm wide and 8 to 170 mm high) makes using the machine in all kinds of wood-processing facilities possible.
    • This machine's electrical equipment is located in a separate cabin.
    • This machine is equipped with block systems for safety devices and for mechanical work piece feeding.
    • The electrodynamic braking system is used for both shafts.


    Maximum width of work piece, mm


    Maximum thickness of work piece, mm


    Work piece feed rate, m/min


    Number of cutter shafts, pcs


    Power consumption, below, kW


    Speed of cutter shaft rotation:

    Upper, rpm


    Lower, rpm


    Maximum removable thickness:

    Removed by single cutter shaft, mm


    Removed by two cutter shafts, mm


    Power supply - three-phase alternating current

    50 Hz, 380 V

    Number of electric motors, pcs


    Machine dimensions (l x w x h), mm

    2700 x 1360 x 1230

    Weight, kg


    Cutter shaft diameter, mm


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