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    Pulling Mounting Device MTM-1.6

    Pulling mounting device MTM-1.6 is designed for lifting and transporting of loads during repair, building, construction and other works. Its operational principle is based on pulling a rope through the pulling device. To accomplish this, two pairs of clips alternately grip the rope with a force proportional to the loading and move it in the required direction. This device can be used with one or two blocks. As a result, it can lift or transport loads with a weight (or transportation resistance) that is two (or three) times higher than the device's tractive force.

    Operating conditions:

  • It is advisable to use this device in a restricted space or in elevated locations.
  • designed for outdoor use at ambient temperatures between -40°C and +40°C.

    Rated tractive force, kN13
    Maximum tractive force, kN16
    Maximum tractive force with a block, kN32
    Rope propulsion at maximum force per one lever travel, mm (not less than)27
    Rated rope diameter, mm12
    Lever force at rated tractive force, N (not more than)320
    Rope length with the hook, m12
    Rope12-G-1-SS-1570 with metal core GOST 14954,3081
    Dimensions without the rope and detachable lever, mm695 x 135 x 240
    Weight of the pulling device (without rope, lever and block), kg15.5
    Weight of the block5.6
    Weight overall34.1
    Number of workers attending the mechanism1 - 2


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