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    Electric Pull Winch TL-14A

    Electric winch TL-14 is designed for lifting and transporting operations during construction, erection and other works. In addition, it can be integrated with construction site hoisting units.
    This winch is not designed for lifting people. Climatic construction - "U", category 2 according to GOST 15150-69.

    Operating conditions:

  • environment - non-explosive;
  • ambient temperature -40°C to +40°C;
  • operative position - mounted on a horizontal surface;
  • operation mode - low duty.

    Service life - 10 years.


    tractive effort, t

    0.42 / 0.63

    rated rope capacity, m

    80 / 50

    rope length, m

    60 / 50

    rope diameter, mm

    6.9 / 8.3

    rated speed of rope winding at the first layer, m/s

    0.72 / 0.35

    drum diameter, mm

    299 / 140



    motor power, kw


    electric current, V; frequency, Hz

    380; 50

    weight (without rope), kg

    235 / 220

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