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    Top-Running Crane Beams

    Top-running crane beams are designed for load lifting and transporting within the rated lifting capacity's limits. These crane beams are not for use in explosive or fire-dangerous environments, nor are they intended for use in rooms with acid or caustic vapors, the concentration of which may cause deterioration of electrical insulation. Likewise, they cannot be used to transport loads over 3000°C, molten metal, recrement, toxic agents or explosives.



    Lifting capacity, tons

    1;  2;  3.2;  5;  10

    Span length, m

    4.5 - 22.5

    Lifting height, m

    6 - 36

    Operating mode

    3K according to GOST 25546
    A5 according to ISO 4301

    Placement category according to GOST 15150

    U2 (under the canopy)
    U3 (indoors)

    Temperature mode

    -20°C - +20°C
    -40°C - +20°C (by special order)

    Crane runway

    rail R24 according to GOST 6368
    square 50 GOST 2591

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