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    Special-Purpose (Auxiliary) Electric Pull Winch TL-8B

    Special-purpose electric winch TL-8B is designed for the one-way transportation of railway cars in depot storage facilities' load-handling areas.
    Load tonnage in transported cars - 315 t. The winch is not for use in lifting loads.

    Operating conditions:

  • environment - non-explosive;
  • ambient temperature -40°C to +40°C;
  • operative position - mounted on a horizontal surface;
  • operation mode - medium duty;

    Service life - 7 years.


    rope tractive force (main/auxiliary), t

    5 / 0.5

    drum's rated reeling capacity (main/aux.), m

    220 / 230

    rope length (main/aux.), m

    150 / 300

    rope diameter (main/aux.), mm

    22.5 / 6.9

    rated speed of rope winding at the first layer (main/aux.), m/s

    0.03 / 0.4



    motor power, kw


    electric current, V; frequency, Hz

    380; 50

    weight (without ropes), kg


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