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    VDG rectifiers for both semiautomatic and automatic welding

    VDG-401 is designed to be used with PDG-401 arc-welding semiautomatic units. As a part of the semiautomatic unit, the rectifier is used for direct current, semiautomatic welding of steel work pieces with consumable electrodes in protective gas environments. Provided the ballast resistor is available, DC welding with a coated electrode is possible.

    The following basic technologies are implemented in the rectifier:
  • Constant external characteristic
  • Stepless control of the welding current
  • 36 V socket is available for powering the gas heater
  • Quick-release safe current connectors
  • Insulation class N, according to GOST 8865-70
  • Forced cooling

    Supply voltage, V3x380
    Supply frequency, Hz50
    Rated welding current A (PV%)400(60)
    Welding current control limits, A80-500
    Number of voltage variation steps3
    Operating voltage control limits, V18-42
    No-load voltage, V, below75
    Power consumption, below, kilovolt-ampere28
    Weight, below, kg250
    Overall dimensions, mm735x605x950

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