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    Argon welding set

    UDGU-501 AC/DC is designed for AC argon-arc welding of aluminum and its alloys, using nonconsumable electrodes (the TIG mode), as well as for manual arc welding using coated electrodes (the MMA mode). The set's power source has a wide range of steplessly controlled welding currents. It provides easy actuation and arc stability due to its built-in stabilizer exciter.
    An optimal welding mode can be easily selected due to: the ability to control optimal cleanability to penetrating capability correlation; the initial welding current; the welding current value; the gas purging time at both the beginning and the end of the welding cycle and the current fall time at the end of the welding cycle.
      The following basic technologies are implemented inro the set:

    • Wide range of stepless controls in the welding current
    • Built-in gas path
    • Noncontact arc ignition in the TIG mode
    • Two modes - long or short welds
    • Transformer protection against thermal overload
    • Possibility to connect PPS-01 pulsating welding remote control and pulse current stepless control, pause current and pulse spacing
    • Quick-release safe current connectors
    • Insulation class N, according to GOST 8865-70
    • Forced cooling
    SpecificationsUDGU-501 AC/DC
    Supply voltage, V
    Supply frequency, Hz
    Rated welding current, A (PV, 60%)500450480350
    Welding current regulation limits, A25-50015-45025-48025-350
    Electrode diameter, mm
    No-load voltage, V, below7010070100
    Power consumption, kilovolt-ampere, below36323426
    Weight, kg, below
    Overall dimensions, mm, within
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