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    TDM-301 welding transformer

    TDM-301 welding transformer is designed for manual arc welding and steel cutting using an alternating current with stick electrodes.
    Operational functionality: This transformer can be used in agricultural works, in servicing depots, for various operations in construction, in repair, in sanitary engineering and in other works.

    Operating conditions
    • These transformers belong to the stationary type of equipment.
    Supply voltage, V 1.6
    Number of phases 94.5
    Supply frequency, Hz 20
    Rated welding current, A 3.5
    Rated duty (PN), % 3.5
    No-load voltage, V 3.5
    Welding current controlstepless
    Welding current regulation limits90..320
    Weight, kg 75
    Overall dimensions, mm 470x350x350
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