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    OSO-0.25 step-down transformers

    OSO-0.25 single-phase, step-down transformer with natural air-cooling is connected to AC 50-60 Hz mains. Its purpose is to provide reduced voltage for local lighting of machining facilities, soldering irons, heaters and other electrical appliances. These transformers meet technical specifications TU16-88IBDSh.671113.021TU.

    Operating conditions:
    • This transformer is designed for indoor operations only that are not subject to abrupt temperature changes or solar radiation impact. It is also intended for ambient temperatures ranging from -60 to +40°C for temperate climate (UHLZ) and from -10 to +45°C for tropical climate (TZ embodiment) and for relative humidities within 80% at 20°C (for the TZ embodiment);
    • Operation at up to 2000 m above sea level.
    • Should be operated in a non-explosive environment that is free of any dust (including conducting dust) that is capable of deranging the transformer. The operational environment should also be free of aggressive vapors and gases in concentrations capable of corroding metals and insulation;
    • This transformer can operate in any position.
    OSO-0.25-87 UHLZ
    OSO-0.25-87 UHLZ export
    OSO-0.25-87 TZ export
    Rated power, kilovolt-ampere0.25
    Rated voltage of the windings, V



    220, 380, 660

    12, 24, 36, 42, 110
    Efficiency, % 91.0 91.0
    No-load current, A33
    Short circuit U, % 5.5 5.0
    Protection rateIP00
    Weight, kg4.8
    Overall dimensions, mm106 x 130 x 179

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