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    Electronic stabilizers R

    R-series voltage stabilizer is a versatile, multipurpose AC voltage stabilizer that combines with the main's noise filter. It protects the equipment against voltage surges and over-voltage, it filters internal and external noise, and it makes working during prolonged voltage changes and over-voltages possible. In addition, it prevents the system from damage and its components from overheating. Electronic voltage stabilizers considerably increase the equipment's overhaul-period renewal and contribute to its failure-safe operation. They not only normalize the main's voltage, but they also considerably improve its parameters.

    Operating conditions:
    • ambient temperature range, °C - from 15 to 35;
    • relative air humidity at 25° C, %, below - 80;
    • atmospheric pressure, kPa - 100 ± 4;
      Protection rate against water and foreign body intrusion, IP50 according to GOST 14254-30 (unsealed).

    R100 is designed for providing power supply to cash registers, fax machines, audio and video equipment and other devices with a consumption below 110 volt-amperes.
    R400, R600 and R800 are designed for providing power supply to computers, printers, peripherals, household appliances, fax machines, audio and video equipment and other devices with a consumption below 400, 600 and 800 volt-amperes respectively.
    R1200, R2000 and R3000 are designed for providing power supply to copy machines, refrigerating equipment, medical equipment, household appliances and other devices with a consumption below 1200, 2000 and 3000 volt-amperes respectively.
    R6000 is designed for providing comprehensive power supply to medical facilities, industrial equipment, communication systems, cottages, offices, computing centers and other consumers with a consumption below 6 kilovolt-amperes.

    SPECIFICATIONS single-phase three-phase

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