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    Package kiosk-type transformer substations

    Package terminal- and double-ended type 630 to 1000 kilovolt-ampere 6 (10) kV transformer substations

    The package transformer substation is designed for the intake of 6 (10) kV electrical energy, for its transit (double-ended substations) and for its transformation and distribution under a voltage of 0.4 kV. The package transformer substation is designed for providing power supply to individual communities and industrial projects in temperate climate districts (-40 to +40°C).

    High-voltage substation inlet - cable or aerial; 0.4 kV line outlets - cable or cable-aerial. Stationary, automatic circuit breakers are installed on the outgoing lines. The system keeps a record of the active and reactive energy and provides the necessary heating to create suitable operating conditions for low-voltage equipment. The substation's scheme allows for the installation of a gas protection and pressure-filled thermometer (available upon customer request). This substation contains an outdoor lighting feeder with automatic on and off switching. The package transformer substations contain both electric and mechanical blocking devices that ensure the maintenance staff's safety. The number of outgoing lines and their currents may be altered upon customer request.

    Notation conventions:

    • Terminal-type transformer substation - KTPT
    • Double-ended type transformer substation - KTPP
    Feeder number
    Rated current of the outgoing lines, A
    630 kilovolt-amperes
    1000 kilovolt-amperes
    ? 1
    ? 2
    ? 3
    ? 4
    ? 5
    ? 6
    ? 7
    ? 8
    ? 9
    ? 10
    Lighting line

    Transformer winding connection and group reference Y/Yn-0; Δ/Yn-11

    Terminal type
    with stationary switches
    Double-ended type
    with stationary switches
    Dimensions, mm
    L x B x H
    Weight without the transformer, kgDimensions, mm
    L x B x H
    Weight without the transformer, kg


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