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medium-power crane manipulator set (CMS) RK7501V mounted on a model MAZ 437040, MAZ 53366 chassis
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  • RK4501V

  • RK7501V

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  • RK42002V

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    Medium-power crane manipulator set (CMS) RK 7501V mounted on a model MAZ 437040, MAZ 53366 chassis

    Performance series crane manipulators.
    During development of the new generation of cranes, the chief aims were to improve their ergonomic properties and to increase their safety. The following features are original to the new series of cranes: fully built-in electronics, functional protection of the control system and secure layout of hydraulic hoses from the under-frame to the boom. In addition, improvement of some details provides additional crane optimization and functionality, thus making the crane more mobile, fast and maneuverable. In general, these new machines offer much more security and effectiveness.

    Distinctive features of the Performance Series cranes include the use of wider hexagonal bars resistant to lateral torque force, as well as the use of high-pressure and return filters in all of this series' cranes. Like the other PALFINGER series cranes, Performance Class cranes (with their inherited outrigger system) use a return oil utilization system that makes possible a 30% increase in the crane's operation speed. Design of all the Performance Series cranes meets the requirements of the new standard EN 12999, with each of the cranes being painted with water-based, environmentally-friendly paint.

    PALFINGER cranes have successfully passed certification tests and have obtained a Certificate of Conformance GOST R No. ROSS AT.MB03.V00065.

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    chassis type MAZ 437040; MAZ 53366
    maximum load moment 69.7 kNm (7.1 tm)
    maximum hydraulic boom 9.7 m
    angle of boom swing 400 deg.
    load retention valves on main and auxiliary boom lift hydraulic cylinders and on telescopic sections' extension hydraulic cylinders with return oil utilization system (this increases the extension speed by 30%)
    maximum lift capacity
        at 1.2 m boom
        at 3.8 m boom
        at 5.4 m boom
        at 7.4 m boom
        at 9.5 m boom

    5,000 kg
    1,700 kg
    1,150 kg
    800 kg
    610 kg
    ground control, four-section proportional hydro-distributor 2 consoles on each side
    outriggers with manual extending width 3.3 m and hydraulic piers
    overload protection system built-in, with control levers interlocking
    hydraulic reservoir built-in, 70 liters with return filter
    high-pressure trunk filter    working pressure
       recommended feeding

    315 bar
    30-45 l/min
    CMS width in folded condition 0.66 m
    CMS height in folded condition 2.1 m
    frame mounting size 0.55 m
    CMS own weight with outriggers 1,030 kg
  • KOM with hydraulic pump (domestic kit), a set of hoses
  • vehicle hour counter, inclinometer, installation tools
  • a set of consumables for 1 year of use
  • Recommended chassis for mounting: ZIL 433360, ZIL 133, MAZ 437040 (low-level), MAZ 53366, 53371, 6303, KAMAZ 43114, 53215, 54115, 53228, URAL 4320, KRAZ 63221, 65053, MZKT 65271 etc.

  • Optional equipment:
  • hydraulic actuator for manipulator's jib head to use with attached implements (grapples, etc.);
  • hydraulic winch;
  • upper seat with control panel;
  • high platform with control panel and protection enclosure;
  • remote radio control system;
  • limited system of lift capacity, depending on the crane manipulator's turning angle;
  • electronic overload protection system with "blackbox" recorder
  • outriggers of increased width;
  • outriggers turning in over-the-road position.

    Alternative installation methods:

  • Behind the truck cab;
  • At the truck stern.

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