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heavy-duty crane manipulator set (CMS) RK 42002V mounted on a model KRAZ 65053, MZKT 65271 chassis
Truck-mounted crane manipulators :

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  • RK4501V

  • RK7501V

  • Heavy-duty
  • RK42002V

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    Heavy-duty crane manipulator set (CMS) RK 42002V on KRAZ 65053, MZKT 65271 chassis

    Crane manipulators belong to a series of advanced technological solutions that help to increase the intensity of machinery use for load transportation and which aid in minimizing the necessary manual labor during loading and unloading. In so doing, these crane manipulators simultaneously decrease the number of people and machines required. Traditionally, lifting and transporting loads during construction and other work requires a truck-mounted crane and a truck. This pattern (a crane and a truck), however, has considerable disadvantages:
    - it requires two units;
    - service expenses are doubled (which especially matters when the work is done a considerable distance away);
    - the lift capacity of commercially available truck-mounted cranes manufactured in Russia is 6 to 40 tons, which renders them inefficient for work requiring transportation of loads under 6 tons;
    - quite often, truck-mounted cranes cannot be used in restricted spaces.

    These problems can be solved by the use of a compact system mounted on commercially available trucks, which are made specifically for lifting and transporting freights between 1 and 26 tons. One such machine combines the main features of two different machines and can replace a truck and a crane. This eliminates the necessity of one of the units and makes its operators available for other work. Presently, in European countries, every fifth truck is equipped with a manipulator set.

    Specifications of crane manipulator sets


    Load moment, tm

    lift capacity, kg per boom, m



    RK 42002V








    KRAZ 65053
    MZKT 65271

    Alternative installation methods:
  • Behind the truck cab;
  • At the truck stern.
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