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all-purpose road-making machine UDM-4

Pipelayer TG-124A

All-purpose road-making machine UDM-4

Special-purpose machine SMR-3,2 for repair-and-construction operations

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All-purpose road-making machine UDM-4

All-purpose road-making machine UDM-4 is a multipurpose machine mounted on a model DT-75 tractor. It is used in repair and construction operations, in construction of gas pipelines and water pipes, in heat supply and drainage systems and in communication and power lines.
Upon customer request, the tractor can be equipped with special earth-moving equipment.
The boom is folded during transportation.

This machine is designed for:

  • leveling construction sites and filling trenches by means of the blade;
  • welding operations;
  • pumping out clean and polluted water from trenches and foundation pits. For these purposes, welding or dewatering equipment is mounted on the tractor.
  • dewatering trenches, wells and foundation pits and, in cases where the blade is installed, for excavating and leveling work.
Base tractor
Lifting capacity, tons
Lifting capacity at maximum boom, t
Hook lifting height, m
   at 1.1 m boom
   at 2 m boom

Traveling speed with load, km per hour
Weight with attached implements, kg



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