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truck-mounted crane KS-55713-4
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Truck-mounted crane KS-55713-4

Truck-mounted crane KS-55713-4 is mounted on base chassis KamAZ-53228. The crane's mechanisms use a hydraulic drive powered by two separate pumps. Power delivery is carried out from the base chassis engine via a gear-box and power take-off. The hydraulic system ensures smooth control over the crane's mechanisms, a combination of work operations and a wide range of their speeds. Thanks to a three-piece telescope boom (9.7 to 21.7 m long), the crane is space-saving and maneuverable and also has broad coverage. For the purpose of increasing the coverage and space under the boom, KS-55713 cranes mounted on a KamAZ chassis are supplied with a lattice jib 9 m long. The boom telescopic system includes two actuating cylinders. Due to the boom's telescoping capability with a load on the hook, the crane is able to carry out special tasks, like handling loads in hard-to-reach areas or carrying them between erected constructions.
Safe operation of the crane is ensured by a set of special instruments and devices, including a microprocessor-controlled safe-load limiter with coordinate protection, which automatically protects the crane against overloading and overturning, limits crane movement to the preset working areas (when operating in restricted areas or near electric power lines) and displays information in the operator's cab. The safe-load limiter has a built-in recording device - "Blackbox".
The microprocessor-controlled safe-load limiter also ensures safe crane operation with its digital parameter indications and its crane coordinate protection mode inside the operator's cab.

Thanks to its easy passing ability, the crane can be used on different roads, including construction sites in hard-to-reach areas.

This equipment is designed for:

  • handling operations, building and construction works in a variety of industries and construction projects.
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