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Truck-mounted crane KS-45717K-1

Truck-mounted crane KS-45717K-1 with a lifting capacity of 25 tons is designed for handling conventional loads while the model with a lifting capacity of 20 tons is designed for handling poisonous and explosive loads. The cranes are mounted on base chassis KamAZ-53215. The crane's mechanisms use hydraulic pump-drive powered by the chassis engine. Hydraulic drive ensures easy crane control, smooth machine operation, a wide range of operating speeds and a combination of crane operations. It is possible to operate the crane when its bearings are brought together.
The three-piece telescope boom sections are extended by a hydraulic actuator and tackle blocks. For the purpose of increasing the space under the boom, a lightweight lattice boom extender (extended jib) can be supplied upon customer request.
A microprocessor-controlled safe-load limiter with digital display allows for monitoring of the crane load, the boom length and the jibbing and rise of the jib head section. It also shows the actual load size on the hook and the maximum safe load with the current jibbing. In addition, it automatically uses preset coordinates to limit the crane's operating zone when working in restricted areas.
Installed telemetering memory ("blackbox") records running characteristics and the crane load throughout its working life.

This equipment is designed for:

  • handling operations, building and construction works.
Base chassis
Wheel arrangement
Lifting capacity, tons
Boom length (including the extended jib), m
9-22 (16-29)
Weight including the basic boom, kg

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