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    KT16 and KT16E compressors

    KT16 and KT16E are movable compressor plants that are used by community and highway engineering services for emergency repairs and road patching.
    KT16 uses the tractor's (T 40, T150, MTZ 80, MTZ 82) PTO shaft and can be used in places where no power supply is available. The compressor plant is mounted on a single-axis chassis with a lightweight suspension. Maximum movement speed is 20 km per hour.

    Compressor typemovablemovable
    Pneumatic automation-+
    Output efficiency, liters per minuteup to 15001000
    Maximum operating pressure, atm.1010
    Receiver capacity, l2x1502x150
    Electric motor power, kWpower take-off shaft11
    Supply voltage, V380
    Coolingair coolantair coolant
    Dimensions, cm315/215/175315/215/175
      Weight, kg990990
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