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PV model diesel-powered screw compressors


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    PV model diesel-powered screw compressors

    Screw compressor plants PV-10/8M1 are designed for compressing ambient air then providing it to pneumatic tools and equipment during erection, construction, mining, road works, etc. These plants are comprised of a driving motor and a single-stage, oil-flooded screw compressor with air-coolant. The chassis of compressor plant PV-10/8M1 is unified with that of a UAZ motor vehicle. The opening bonnet provides easy access to the internal mechanisms. Under the bonnet, there is a control cabinet with a gauge panel and control and protection equipment. An emergency protection system shuts down the motor in the event of abnormal operation. An automatic throughput adjustment system ensures power-saving operation in different modes, depending on compressed air consumption.
    The compressors are equipped with five dispenser valves, providing simultaneous distribution of compressed air from all valves while the compressor is running.

    Plant typeon chassis
    Throughput, m3/min11.2
    Pressure, atm.7
    Power P, kw132
    Compressor type, Vk14
    Motor typeYaMZ-236M
    Overall dimensions, mm
    - height

    Plant weight, kg3395
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