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road-patching harrow AMKODOR-8047
Road-patching equipment, road harrows:

Road-patching harrow AMKODOR-8047

Road-patching harrow DS-197

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Road-patching harrow AMKODOR-8047

Road-patching harrow AMKODOR-8047 is a set of attached implements for a model MTZ-82 tractor with a hydraulic reducing gear. The machine can be operated at ambient temperatures above +5 degrees C.

  • patching asphalte concrete and cement concrete surfaces of streets, roads, pavements and airfields:
        - restoration;
        - elimination of washboard and corrugation on transport stops and near traffic lights;
        - continuous milling during surface restoration;
        - contouring of areas subject to repair;
        - elimination of flakes.

    Base tractor
    MTZ 82
    Operating speed of hydraulic reducing gear while in 1st gear and with the reduction gear on, km per hour:
       low gear
       second gear

    Overall dimensions, mm:
       width (1800 mm track)
       milling depth, mm
       milling width, mm

    4151 ± 40
    2760 ± 25
    65 ± 5
    400 ± 10
    Operating element location
    Type of operating element

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