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Excavator EO-2621V-3

Excavator EO-2621V-3 is a set of attached implements mounted on the base MTZ-82.1 tractor.
This excavator has two hydro-distributors with built-in unloading and relief valves installed, which increase the machine's reliability and decrease the number of pipelines.
Thanks to two pressure filters and two return filters, fine-cleaning of the operating fluid is possible. The machine is controlled by two joysticks, each operating in mutually perpendicular planes and connected with hydro-distributors by flexible cables.
These cables make installing the joysticks in convenient locations possible as well as increase the reliability and smoothness of the excavator control.
Using one of the joysticks, operator controls the bucket, while second joystick is used to control the boom. Dozer equipment can be supplied optionally, upon request.

Main types of integral implements: hydro-hammer, grapple, lifting device and narrow bucket.

This machine is designed for:
  • earthwork operations.
Base tractor
Bucket volume, m3
Excavating depth, m
Weight, kg


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