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drilling machine with pile driver BM-811
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Drilling machine with
pile driver BM-811
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Drilling machine with pile driver BM-811

Drilling machine with pile driver BM-811 is designed for drilling wells of selected depths and diameters in Arctic ground conditions (capable of drilling up to class IV soils, including permafrost, as well as moist soils at ground temperature, about 0°C, with floating earth and streaks) and for erecting and driving piles during pile foundation construction of buildings and structures.
On demand optional diesel-hammer SP-75 can be ordered upon request.

Specifications Values
Base chassis Ural-4320
Maximum drilling depth, m 8...10 
Drilling-tool diameter, m 0.36; 0.45 
Drill pressure upon mining face, ton-force 10 
Cranage lifting capacity, tons 3.0 
Maximum height of hook lift, m 10 
Maximum drilling-tool torque, Nm 15,000 
Maximum turning angle of drilling equipment in horizontal projection, degrees 180 
Maximum travel length of drilling equipment, m 0.7 
Overall dimensions: mm


Total weight, kg 23,000 
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